Asian Fawn | Spider Silk
An alienated spatial and material device for nonhuman entities to habitat in second nature environment.

The structure and organization of urban space, through our historical analysis, is either affected by imposed ideologies or is developed through anthropocentric interactions of communications and commerce. We aim to test the hypothesis of a non-anthropocentric view on design beyond ideologies and human centred local interactions. We suggest a productive version of alienation, from the established methods of design that will allow us to speculate and revise our urban structure towards more cosmological understanding of the urban. For that reason, we explore and experiment with a species that has its own spatial reasoning. By mobilizing the alien spatial intelligence of nonhuman entities like spiders will give us a new insight in the possible construction of a multiheaded city where spatial diagrams can explore new conditions of organizing the urban, redefining its aesthetics and establishing new politics. In order to do this, we refrain from a problem-solving perception of design and we embrace its power to designate problematic areas. 
Student | Mengxuan LI Xiaojun LIANG 
Tutor | Claudia Pasquero Filippo Nassetti 
Theory tutor | Emmanouil Zaroukas
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